Do Not Buy ! FitSpark EAGLE iMAX 4K60FPS Detailed Review


Are you looking for buying FitSpark Eagle iMAX Dual Screen Camera? then Do Not Buy it, You will loose your hard-earned Money

Fitspark Eagle iMax

This review is being done after usage for couple of weeks.

first thing I want to say is that I am utterly disappointed with the camera.... the following are the good and bad about the camera.


- economical price for an action camera but please read below
- delivered on time


- picture quality is very very bad
- for namesake its says 4k but the resolution, color, brightness, pixels writing/processing is very bad
- even the lower resolution output is very bad
- if you zoom in the 4k 30 or 60, you will find pixels floating... wonder if it is with my cam or that's what the quality is
- pictures is as bad as video
- UI is manual and badly designed
- battery has no indicators saying this much is available
- battery charge don't indicate the battery is full
- while the camera in action, it wont give you warning... it simply switches off
- when charging, it opens up camera and drains of all battery even if plugged
- it has WiFi but its a huge effort to get connected with the mobile using a hopeless app
- you take 4K 60FPS, but it shows 4K 30FPS on its properties... I enquired on this and the seller/responder says that its a bug in the software and if requested they will send the link to update the software.... the cam is made 7-8 months back and this could have been updated... uff you manufacturer, you could have sorted out this
- few accessories are provided but you will not find manual of using it...
- it just give you 50 to 60 mins of continuous video and wont give you advance warning
- tried all the settings from ISO, white balance, sharpness, balance etc but the quality remains very poor.

I would have been happy if the video quality is at-least good and rest remains as is.... Not recommended even to the beginner...