Campark V40 VS FitSpark EAGLE iMAX Dual Screen Action Camera Comparison Detailed Review


Are you Confused between Campark V40 vs FitSpark EAGLE iMAX Dual Screen Action Camera? Then Watch this and make your Decision Easy...

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In this video I am Comparing FitSpark EAGLE iMAX vs Campark V40 Dual Screen 4K Action Camera with Detailed Review.

Campark V40 Review

In this Campark V40 review, I will try as much as possible to give you all the important details about this action camera that will help you in deciding on whether to buy it or not.

Campark Electronics is a Chinese company that makes a wide range of cameras including the much-loved action cameras.

The Campark V40 was made available for purchase as from 16th April 2020 and it is the direct successor of the Campark V30 which was impressive enough.

The Campark V40 was made available for purchase as from 16th April 2020 and it is the direct successor of the Campark V30 which was impressive enough.

If you are looking to purchase a good action camera that can do much without necessarily breaking the bank like buying a GoPro, then Campark V40 should be on your wish list.

The V40 has a front screen that is helpful when taking selfies or doing Vlogging. If you are a frequent vlogger, then you most certainly need an action camera that rocks a front screen.

The V40 can shoot videos with a maximum of 4K resolution at 30 frames per second.

Is the 4K resolution native or interpolated? I will take you through all the video parameters of this camera later on in my review.

As with most of the Campark V-series action cameras, the image stabilization technology in the V40 is impressive and works well to produce smooth footage.

Another impressive thing about this camera is the ruggedness, it can be used underwater without rocking a case on it.

If you are into underwater adventures like snorkeling, scuba diving, etc. then this camera will get you covered straight out of the box.

If you already own the V40, this post will be helpful too since I usually give important tips as well.

Design and Components

Body Design

Something I noticed straight out of the box is that the Campark V40 is very similar to Akaso Brave 7 LE in terms of the external body design.

Putting the two cameras side by side, you will easily mistake them to be identical.

The obvious thing that stands out for this camera is the front screen, which is not a very common thing in this industry.

The camera’s body is made of plastic, although it is glossily finished to give it a more premium look and feel.

Dual Screen

The V40 is very ideal for Vlogging due to the presence of two screens which can be used as display screens.

Rear Screen

On the backside of the camera, there is a 2.0 inch rear screen that is touch-sensitive. The screen is similar in size to the one on Campark V30.

You can use your fingers to navigate through the camera’s menu and setup using the touch-screen.

Fitspark Eagle iMax

This review is being done after usage for couple of weeks.

first thing I want to say is that I am utterly disappointed with the camera.... the following are the good and bad about the camera.

- economical price for an action camera but please read below
- delivered on time

- picture quality is very very bad
- for namesake its says 4k but the resolution, color, brightness, pixels writing/processing is very bad
- even the lower resolution output is very bad
- if you zoom in the 4k 30 or 60, you will find pixels floating... wonder if it is with my cam or that's what the quality is
- pictures is as bad as video
- UI is manual and badly designed
- battery has no indicators saying this much is available
- battery charge dont indicate the battery is full
- while the camera in action, it wont give you warning... it simply switches off
- when charging, it opens up camera and drains of all battery even if plugged
- it has WiFi but its a huge effort to get connected with the mobile using a hopeless app
- you take 4K 60FPS, but it shows 4K 30FPS on its properties... I enquired on this and the seller/responder says that its a bug in the software and if requested they will send the link to update the software.... the cam is made 7-8 months back and this could have been updated... uff you manufacturer, you could have sorted out this
- few accessories are provided but you will not find manual of using it...
- it just give you 50 to 60 mins of continuous video and wont give you advance warning
- tried all the settings from ISO, white balance, sharpness, balance etc but the quality remains very poor.

I would have been happy if the video quality is at-least good and rest remains as is.... Not recommended even to the beginner...


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