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 Do you want to install Carbon Racing Windshield on you Bajaj Dominar 400? Then you are at the place, Watch the Complete Video...

Here is the world’s best Windshield designed specially for Dominar 400/250 and Wind Tunnel tested.


  • Made from a very unique blend of high end Poly-carbonate and ABS to provide rigidity yet be flexible.
  • Product will be available in 3 Colors. 1) 100% Clear, 2) Semi-Black  3) Dark Black
  • This windshield will replace the OEM windshield at the same mounting points.

What is in the package:
1 X Windshield for Dominar 400/250

1X Complimentary set of Handlebar Mounted Windshield Stabilizer Kit worth Rs. 1500

Additional optional accessories:

OEM Number plate extender kit (Compatible with Carbon Racing Windshield):

Carbon Racing OEM Number plate extension for Dominar Windshield features:

OEM Number Plate Extension Mounts are available for Dominar now.

This kit can be used in conjunction with Carbon Racing Windshield. This kit will go in place of the OEM Number plate mount and the OEM mount needs to be installed on this extension kit.

What is in the package:

2 X Number plate extension
brackets (1 left and 1 right)
4 X Stainless steel bolts
4X Nyloc Nuts

Installation method:

     Attach the OEM number plate on the brackets as in the pics

      Install the entire assembly over the Windshield on the OEM mount points

Please Note: During installation, do make sure that the ends where number plate bracket gets connected are bent outwards and going away from windshield. If installed right, this is how much the gap will be, between the fasteners and the windshield.


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